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Back when StudioNorth was founded, there was no internet as we know it today. The “desktop computer” itself was still a few years away. Images were captured with film, type was set by hand and concepts were rendered in markers.

Yet somehow, we still managed to help our clients convey messages that mattered to their customers.

Today, we’re working with a different set of tools, but our mission is still the same: Help our clients achieve their communication and business goals with the most effective solutions possible.

We invite you to explore our interactive timeline and see some of the events that shaped our history as a company and as individuals, too.

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Started by Ray Mohr to provide print production services. Originally called Image Design Systems located and in Gurnee, IL.

Image Design Systems
StudioNorth Typesetting Equipment Office Mark Mohr '88 Slides 8 0


Changed name to StudioNorth to reflect comprehensive service offerings.


Added typesetting equipment, marking the beginning of new technology investments.


Cindy Denikas’ son Drew is born.



Relocated to former funeral home at 1616 Green Bay in North Chicago, IL.


1986: Stacy Goebel is an Illinois State runner-up in the shot put.

1987: Yolanda Hernandez marries her best friend.


1987: Dan Gutknecht gets his first motorcycle, a 1978 Honda CB400T.


1987: Mark Schneider has his first day of work at StudioNorth as a keyline paste-up artist at a light table. Rob Schueneman sits in the desk behind him.



Mark Mohr joins his father, Ray, as account manager.


1988: Doug Duty joins StudioNorth as a delivery driver/artist.



Added slide recorder to create 35mm slide presentations.


1989: Jeff Segal moves to Des Moines, IA, for his first copywriting gig.

Group Picture SN Shirt Art StudioNorth Pointer Plans Motorola Star Tac Pints Of History 9 0


Added desktop publishing hardware and software, leading to more creative opportunities.


1992: Dmitriy Korolenko sets foot on American soil for the first time after leaving Ukraine.



Mark Mohr buys StudioNorth from his father and focuses on creative and technology.


Added multimedia offerings with interactive, animation, and video.



Added 5000 square feet to the building.


1996: Created our first website for Komatsu America.


1996: Debbie Knighton holds her adopted baby girl for the first time.


1996: Randy Chen attends his first Chicago Bulls basketball game and witnesses the majesty of Michael Jordan.


Added in-house content development.


Launched Pints of History Millennium Celebration Promotion.

StudioNorth Group Shot Car Creatology The Glob Small Steps Toward a Brighter Future Build a Brand Are you Breaking Through Break Through or Blend in - StudioNorth 0 0


Solidified foundation with staff to support growing internet boom and added video editing.


2000: Hosts first SNth Degree. thought leadership event on internet strategy.


2000: SN VW made deliveries.


2000: Marilyn Vazquez becomes a big sister and realizes she would stay young and "hip" for the rest of her life.


2000: Shannon Lee moves from rural Michigan to Chicago without a job lined up and knowing only one person there.



Mark Mohr came up with the word "Creatology" (creativity + technology combined) to describe to clients what we do.


2002: Eric Pound experiences a Chicago winter for the first time as a resident.


2002: Stacy Wilcox begins her first art lesson using soft pastels.


Celebrates 25th Anniversary Retrospectacular.


2003: John Pfleeger meets his wife.


2004: Evelyn Meade becomes a wife and a mother.



StudioNorth shifts to end-of-year donations to specific efforts such The Barefoot School in Haiti; it also references Mark and Maggie's first visit to Haiti in 1998 to meet their newly adopted son Matthew.


StudioNorth messaging focused on more strategic and solution offerings and showcased solutions in a series of brochures.



StudioNorth rebrands with new tagline and logo.


2009: Paul Beck attends the last regular season game in the Metrodome (Minnesota beat Detroit in the 12th).

Imaging Solutions SNth Degree Emoji Heroes Who Get It! Gameshow Apps Tower Awards Be Brave. Be Bold. Be True. StudioNorth SNalloween 2015 HITMC 2017 Award GameBuzz Celebrating StudioNorth - SN40 1 0


Created the first iPad App for a client.



Hosts second SNth Degree event focused on mobile technology.


Added Social Media Marketing to offerings.


2012: Madeline Holler arrives in Uganda for a summer program and meets her husband.


2012: Won BtoB's Best in the Mobile Category for Heros Who Get IT Web App.



Developed gameshow apps for tradeshows.


Received the the People's Choice Award for an integrated communication campaign.


2014: Melissa Marano graduates from UW Madison — The first year graduation was held in Camp Randall Stadium.


2014: Added the Be Brave. Be Bold. Be True. Tagline and new StudioNorth logo.


2015: Becky Gutsell has her interview at StudioNorth.


2015: Tom Bradley proposes to his girlfriend at 10,000 feet in Hawaii.


2015: Sarah Wagner gets married.


2015: Allison Grant welcomes her son Henry into the world.

2016: Paul Polelle skydives for the first time.


2016: Jon Skinner drives 11 hours through the night from Arkansas to attend the Cubs World Series victory parade.



StudioNorth Wins Agency of the Year Award at the 2017 Healthcare IT Marketing and PR Conference.


2017: Beth Flatley realizes pinot noir from Monterey County, California, is her perfect wine.


2017: Launched GameBuzz — the customizable live game show that gets any event booth buzzing!


StudioNorth's 40th Anniversay.


To Be Continued