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2023 BrandSmart, Brand Introduction Gold Award

This is one screwed-up brand introduction campaign

In 2022, Labelmaster—the industry leader in resources for hazmat shippers—introduced Capsuloc™, a new kind of secondary container with a simple screw-top lid that’s far more convenient than traditional paint can-style containers.

StudioNorth helped them launch Capsuloc with a bold brand introduction campaign.

The Challenge

The most common packaging solution for shipping hazardous liquids (such as flammables, toxins and corrosives) has long been paint can-style metal containers, despite their many shortcomings.

Capsuloc was more convenient, more durable and lighter weight than paint can containers. Yet many companies who handle Dangerous Goods operate with a mindset that can inhibit the adoption of new, innovative ideas.

The Solve

Many shipping and warehouse managers, while not the final decision-makers on packaging purchases, have significant influence on what resources their company buys. They have firsthand knowledge about the shortcomings of paint can-style containers and can make a strong case for Capsuloc.

We realized that the best way to promote Capsuloc was to leverage the dislike hazmat pros have developed over the years to paint can-style containers. The message behind the campaign, in a nutshell was, “Now that you finally have a choice in hazmat containers, kick the can!”

In 2022, we launched a campaign that included two videos, social and programmatic ads, blog posts, emails and direct mail.

  • An introductory video comparing Capsuloc side-by-side with a paint-can style container.
  • A humorous video imaging hazmat pros “kicking the can” thanks to the availability of Capsuloc.

In 2023, when Capsuloc received a DOT Special Permit that made it even more competitive with paint can-style containers, we launched Phase 2 of the campaign. New ads played on the advantages of Capsuloc’s twist-off lid.

The Result


  • The paid campaign generated a clickthrough rate (CTR) 38% higher than the industry benchmark at a 29% lower cost-per-click than their historical paid social program average.
  • The paid ads achieved a video view rate 224% above LinkedIn’s benchmark, and a video completion rate 1,300% above the benchmark.
  • Organic Capsuloc posts generated an amazing 34% engagement rate, 250% higher than program averages.

Programmatic display advertising:

  • With just over 2.9M impressions towards very targeted audiences, we were able to present our new product to both current Labelmaster customers and specific industries and job titles that are potential purchasers of this product.
  • The campaign received a .09% CTR with 2,625 total clicks, above the average programmatic display campaign CTR of .08%.
  • This excellent brand awareness performance contributed to the launch of this new product at ~$5.00 Cost per Thousand [CPM]—a lower cost per thousand than many other paid media tactics.

Targeted e-blast campaign:

  • This tactic leveraged the DC Velocity publication audience an Innovation Demo Video showcasing the product and its benefits. This video was then released to the DC Velocity audience via email, newsletter and social feeds.
  • This campaign received more than 30,000 impressions and 236 leads of people engaging with our content, resulting in an extremely low $27.54 cost per lead (CPL).

The 2022 campaign laid the groundwork for Capsuloc to capture significant market share once the special permit has been issued. It also won the Brand Introduction Gold Award at BrandSmart 2023.

Capsuloc “Kick The Can” video: Two announcers in front of screen.
Capsuloc “Kick The Can” video: Contestant kicking a can.
Capsuloc social ad 1.
Capsuloc social ad 2.
Capsuloc launch email 1.
Capsuloc display ad.
Capsuloc launch email 2.
Capsuloc campaign launch landing page.
Capsuloc Launch Video: Top down view comparison of paint can and Capsuloc.
Capsuloc Launch Video: Side by side comparison of paint can and Capsuloc.
Capsuloc Launch Video: Capsuloc product.
Inside and back cover of the Capsuloc direct mailer.

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