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Launching our new event gaming system: 4 things I’ve learned

Posted on: April 26th, 2017 by Debbie Knighton No Comments


GameBuzz Booth Exhibitor Live '17

I’ve worked dozens of trade shows on behalf of clients over the years, but until Exhibitor Live ’17 I’d never been the client.

I was there in Las Vegas with a small StudioNorth team to introduce GameBuzz—our interactive, digital, high-energy event gaming system. Exhibitor Live—the annual development conference for trade show and corporate event marketers—seemed like a perfect place to get GameBuzz in front of the people most likely to use it themselves.

A few weeks later, I shared GameBuzz with a smaller group of event, meeting and planning people at the TS Tech Summit.

Both events were eye-openers for me. Here’s what I learned:

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StudioNorth named HITMC 2017 Agency of the Year

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SN HITMC Winner Banner

We’re thrilled to announce that StudioNorth was named 2017 Agency of the Year at last week’s Healthcare IT Marketing Conference (HITMC) in Las Vegas.

“We couldn’t wait to tell our clients, because their success is what drives us to continually outperform,” says our CEO Mark Mohr. “This really validates all the hard work and passion from everyone at ‘The Studio’—we’ve got a great team with deep healthcare IT knowledge.”

Stacy Goebel, who heads our Customer Engagement & Social Marketing campaigns, attended HITMC 2017 with Senior Marketing Strategist Yolanda Hernandez and Account Director Evelyn Meade. When the Agency of the Year award was announced, she remembers thinking, “This just happened! No way! There are so many other great agencies and departments here.”
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I’ve been to HIMSS every year since 2012, and each one had its moments that stick with me to this day.

Funny, none of those standout memories involve swag.

Don’t get me wrong—I love me some swag. It’s always fun to share something silly or clever with my kids or coworkers. (Can you say cowbell?) But swag just doesn’t hit me on an emotional level.

You know what does hit me on an emotional level? Real stories and real reactions from real patients. Patients are why healthcare (and healthcare IT) exists in the first place, right? But until recently, the healthcare IT companies who exhibit at HIMSS didn’t do much to showcase the patient journey.

Patient Stories

That’s why I’ve been happy to see more HIMSS exhibitors making the investment to actually bring patient influencers to the conference. It sure beats more pens, trinkets and t-shirts.

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For healthcare IT marketers, PX needs to be more than a catchphrase

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How are Amazon and Yelp conditioning consumers to expect the same experience when they become patients?

People don’t stop acting like customers when they need medical treatment. They expect the same comfort, speed, accuracy and satisfaction they get from their favorite stores and online vendors.

Patient ExperienceBut healthcare isn’t a new pair of shoes. The stakes are much higher. Patients may want the same experience as retail customers, but their expectations for care management and outcomes are much higher.

That’s why patient experience (PX) is more than just a catchphrase—it’s the critical factor healthcare marketers must embrace to succeed.
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LinkedIn Feed

If you did a double-take when you logged into LinkedIn recently, you’re probably not alone. The streamlined redesign now resembles Facebook’s newsfeed, with improved search features and a simpler top navigation.

There are also notable changes to how content is displayed on the newsfeed. Social media managers need to be aware of these changes to provide their followers the best user experience. If you manage a LinkedIn page, stick to these best practices.... Read More

Event strategies and insights ruled our top posts of 2016

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Seven of our top ten posts last year were about events—either events we attended, or our strategies for making corporate events awe-inspiring. Our readers also helped social media and digital publishing posts crack the top tier. Read on to see which posts clicked with the marketing and creative folks we’re proud to count as our loyal audience.... Read More


Yolanda HernandezStrategist Yolanda Hernandez recently joined StudioNorth to expand our strategic service offerings. We caught up with her recently to ask about changes in the industry, her role, her background and the strategic opportunities she sees for StudioNorth clients.
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How your phone can preserve your Thanksgiving sanity

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Give Thanks

Thanksgiving. It’s a time for yummy pumpkin pie, lively parades, rivalry football games, quality family time and a space to reflect on things to be grateful for.

But let’s be real for a second.

Thanksgiving usually also brings: the craziness of bringing family and friends into the same room, too much time spent in the kitchen preparing for a meal that’s scarfed down in a few seconds, the reminder that your loved ones have passed or live far away, or that one loud cousin who won’t stop talking politics. Especially this year. Yikes.

You know us—we like to think there’s an app for every occasion. To survive your inevitable holiday stress, here’s a list of our favorite resources to:

  • Fill the silence—or stop the bickering
  • Get away from the craziness to pause and reflect
  • Help you get involved and give back

We hope these help you enjoy the holidays without a hitch!... Read More

Top 10 Tweets from Social Media Week Chicago

Posted on: November 18th, 2016 by Allison Grant No Comments


Social Media Week Chicago is a dream come true for social media marketers. The yearly event, organized by Crowdcentric, brings experts from the industry’s leading brands (National Geographic, Instagram and Pinterest were just a few that spoke this year) to the Windy City to share best practices and talk the future of social.

Social Media Week Chicago

If you had to summarize last week’s Social Media Week Chicago 2016 in one word, it would be video. If you're not thinking video first when it comes to social media, especially on Facebook, you're in the social Stone Age.

Several sessions throughout the week focused on social video best practices, viral content, social advocacy and creating new experiences on social. The key takeaways from last week are best summed up in these ten tweets. ... Read More


Sales Enablement

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth—or maybe sometime around 2010—B2B marketing and sales were frenemies, at best. They coexisted peacefully, because what was good for one was usually good for the other. But they didn’t actually hang out much.

  • Marketing was all about the big picture—branding, high-end messaging and priming the pump.
  • Sales was all about closing the deal and ringing the register.

Oh, sure, they worked together now and then. Marketing would create the odd sell sheet, and sales would share some frontline insights with marketing. But they were fundamentally different creatures, content to do their own things.

These days? Not so much. More and more B2B companies are honing a more sustainable competitive edge by bringing sales and marketing closer—with sales enablement tools.... Read More