#InThisMomentIAm: Human, creative and craving connection.

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August 2021
We’re a close-knit group at StudioNorth. So, when the quarantine started, we stayed connected by talking (and chatting and texting and emailing) about how weird everything was.

Actually, it was impossible to say how we felt about “everything.” But it was easy to talk about how we felt during certain moments.

Someone suggested we should find a way to share these moments. Here’s what happened:

Creativity and connection

That’s how #InThisMomentIAm started… but we had no idea how it would evolve.

Every social card in our still-growing gallery started as a single moment. Some of them came from StudioNorth team members, but most came from outsiders who found InThisMomentIAm.com and shared what was on their minds (or in their hearts) right at that moment.

Then our Design team took over, custom designing each card with complete creative freedom. And while we were happy to share them with the world, in reality we created them as much for ourselves as for everyone else.

Becky Gutsell

“This year has been an emotional rollercoaster for us all, but our campaign has given me a creative outlet as a designer to let some of those emotions go,” says Sr. Designer Becky Gutsell. “I’ve been selecting submissions that resonate with me and my own personal feelings, so designing these cards often makes me feel connected to complete strangers.

“To have complete creative freedom is rare, so each card feels like a personal work of art that we are gifting to our new stranger-friend.”

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StudioNorth’s creative is mind-blowing! I think I downloaded them all to post and share with my family and friends. It helps tremendously to know that there are others who are relating to each of us!

Judi Myers
JMMyers Consulting

A multidisciplinary movement

But this campaign isn’t all about design—in fact, it’s been a multidisciplinary effort pulling in strengths from all over StudioNorth:

  • The development crew that built the webpage and its response functionality
  • The social team that’s drawn in fans and contributors from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • The digital folks keeping track of the amazing metrics (see below)
  • And our account team who has kept this project moving forward when it must have felt like herding fifty cats in fifty zip codes
Natalie Nadelhoffer

Social Media Coordinator Natalie Nadelhoffer says, “This campaign has shown me that a lot of people are feeling the same way I am. I really have enjoyed publishing the cards and seeing the contributors’ reactions to their shareable cards. They are all so supportive and appreciative.”

Landing page visitors


Repeat visitors

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Average social engagement & click-throughs 

Cards downloaded for sharing

From helpless to inspired

There’s been a lot of change in the world since March, and people’s moments have changed in step. What started as a response to a shocking disruption has turned into a creative outlet for every kind of human emotion. It’s kept us connected to each other, and to the rest of the world.

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Love love love what the folks @StudioNorth came up with! A simple way to connect to one another.

Anna Furmanov
Furmanov Marketing Consulting

Shannon Lee

“We didn’t expect this campaign to have the effect that it has had on others and especially our own internal staff,” says Senior Vice President, Creative Shannon Lee. “At a time when we were feeling a little lost and helpless—and frankly a little depressed—it allowed us to be inspired by the words of others and do something meaningful.”

Jeff Segal
Jeff Segal
Senior Content Strategist
Jeff writes everything from social posts to white papers for several SN clients, while crusading tirelessly against the words provide, quality, strive and utilize.

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