Video: Market Math calculates the budget you need for the results you want.

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November 2023
Most B2B marketing campaigns start with a budget, and marketers do the best they can with it. Is it enough? Too much? There’s no way to know.

Actually, there is. Our Market Math model helps you plan and defend the budgets you need to build targeted campaigns that reliably achieve the results you expect. Watch the video to see how it works.

Flip the script on your B2B marketing budget process.

Market Math flips the script from conventional campaign planning. Instead of starting with a budget, we start with your campaign goals and work backward to calculate a realistic budget for achieving them.

We use a proprietary model and approach to guide marketing, sales and management, along with deep industry research to unpack conversion ratios and set realistic goals.

StudioNorth leads you through the entire process, helping you calculate the cost of achieving your goals so it’s easy for you to defend the budgets you request.

Get the budget you need for the results you want — with Market Math.

Use Market Math to budget your next major campaign

We’ve used Market Math to help calculate campaign budgets for SMBs and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Want to see what size budgets you should set for 2024?

Eric Meerschaert
Eric Meerschaert
Executive Director, Growth and Innovation
Eric gained his strategic background at Global 500 software companies and McKinsey & Co, where he learned that analytics, not instincts, drive the best B2B strategies.

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