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IAC, Best Computer: Hardware Website, 2023
The Telly Awards, Branded Content B2B, 2023

Omnichannel ad campaign accelerates partnership awareness

When technology leader Lenovo became an Official Technology Partner of Formula 1®, they wanted to showcase how Lenovo laptops, servers, and collaboration solutions not only improve performance on the track, but also help F1 connect with fans. They wanted a campaign to build awareness for these key contributions, generate interest in Lenovo solutions, and ultimately deliver sales-ready leads.

Attention-grabbing ads and a dynamic landing page drove awareness of Lenovo’s Formula 1 partnership.

The Challenge

On Formula 1 race day, all eyes are on the cars and drivers. But behind the scenes, day in and day out, technology is at work making it all possible. Lenovo needed attention-grabbing ads and a dynamic landing page to spark meaningful engagement. StudioNorth was asked to reimagine the connection between Lenovo’s innovative solutions and the performance-forward excitement of Formula 1.

The Solve

Our strategy was to creatively merge F1’s precision engineering with Lenovo’s precision computing, hardware, software, and services — all the elements that blend together to power this partnership.

With high-energy images and copy, we conveyed the role of computing technology — a role that spans cutting-edge performance monitoring to massive data storage, seamless live broadcasting to responsible disposition strategy for tech hardware. We also featured the high-performance collaboration needed for the F1 broadcast, media, and technology teams to communicate by the second and for fans to feel a stakeholder’s sense of inclusion.

StudioNorth developed the overall theme of the Lenovo/F1 partnership promotion campaign and helped create a range of components. Along the way, we learned the specific F1 advertising and compliance rules, worked to an ultra-fast execution schedule, curated images that brought the vibrancy of F1 forward, and developed content that made a human-centric racing/computing connection.

  • Solution-specific landing pages
  • Social and display ads promoting the solution landing pages
  • Out-of-home ad development, adaptation and language translation for worldwide markets
  • Playbook development to help worldwide marketing share campaign elements with geos

These components gave the audience a highly interactive, immersive experience, while bringing the partnership to life.

The Result

The campaign was an overwhelming success — from the perspective of Lenovo and F1 leadership and by the numbers.

  • The Lenovo.com/F1 site experienced more 7,500 visits during race week and more than 26,000 in the first month.
  • A video featuring Lenovo’s president with F1 personalities Daniel Mac and Jordan Fisher has generated more than 3 million views to date on TikTok and Instagram.
  • The campaign has reached more than 18 million people and driven 62 million impressions across YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and Spotify.

“Wow! This team is incredible! It’s hard to put into words how impressive the program was. It’s easily one of the best activations I’ve seen in my career. You all embraced the challenge and used your diverse skills and perspectives to create something magical.”
— Gerald Youngblood, CMO Lenovo North America

Lenovo Formula 1 car.
Engine animation.
Checkered flags animation.
Racing helmet and speed lines animation.
Monitor and power bars animation.
Servers and power guage animation.
Wrench and screwdriver animation.
Speedometer animation.
Globe and timer animation.
Racing wheel animation.
Race track animation.
Race car and wind animation.
TV and world animation.
Lenovo ThinkPads arranged into a checkered flag.
Closeup of race track with Lenovo ThinkPads at the starting line.
Front of Formula 1 car on race track.
Professional sitting at a desk in a data cccenter with a helmet on.
Professionals having a meeting while wearing racing helmets and headsets.
ThinkPad with race car on screen.
ThinkStation with Formula 1 car on screen.
ThinkPad with race car on screen.
ThinkPad with Formula 1 car on screen.
Formula 1 car and Lenovo ThinkPad.
Employees meeting at a conference table.
Lenovo F1 bus wrap.
Lenovo F1 display ad 1.
Lenovo F1 display ads.
Lenovo F1 display ads.
Lenovo F1 campaign landing page.
Lenovo F1 social ad 1.
Lenovo F1 social ad 2.
Lenovo F1 social ad 3.
Lenovo F1 social ad 4.
Lenovo F1 solution landing page 1.
Lenovo F1 solution landing page 2.
Lenovo F1 solution landing page 1.
Lenovo F1 solution landing page 2.

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