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Swaay.Health Awards, Video of the Year, 2024

‘Ultimately Human’ video showcases human-centric healthcare technology.

GE HealthCare builds devices, data analytics, and services that empower clinicians to deliver better patient care by giving them more time in front of their patients and more reliable enterprise imaging at their fingertips.

StudioNorth produced an impactful video to introduce GE HealthCare’s “Ultimately Human” narrative and showcase their Enterprise Imaging technology.

The Challenge

In today’s health care environments, it’s crucial to humanize the experience. Increasing patient volumes, time constraints, and scattered patient records mean health care professionals don’t have the capacity to deliver the level of care they’d like to.

To remove barriers and increase access to quality care, GE HealthCare uses enterprise imaging technology that improves cardiology and radiology workflows, helping medical professionals be more efficient without sacrificing accuracy.

The complexity of healthcare technology, processes, and systems can make it difficult to describe solutions simply. GE HealthCare needed a way to showcase how their technology helps refocus clinician time with patients while also reducing redundancies in the collection, storage, and data sharing.

The Solve

To help introduce GE HealthCare’s approach, StudioNorth developed the “Ultimately Human” theme.

This theme became the core of a multi-channel campaign (still in development) kicked off by this one-minute video. It demonstrates how GE HealthCare technology weaves together every moment in the patient journey to deliver a more holistic, efficient, and accurate patient record.

The video speaks to both patients and the medical professionals who treat them.
While other digital imaging providers focus on the technology they provide, this video shifted the emphasis from the technology and its users to the patients themselves. The narrative shows how GE HealthCare’s technology produces an historical, visual record of a person’s care, and empowering health care providers to deliver care that’s ultimately more human.

The Result

In just 60 seconds, this video seamlessly connects a mosaic of moments in a patient’s journey — beginning with enterprise imaging and ending in more precise, personalized patient care.

The video kicked off GE HealthCare’s “Ultimately Human” campaign and was posted on their site and on the brand’s social media channels — LinkedIn, X (Twitter), and YouTube — driving views and engagements, and reinforcing GE HealthCare’s commitment to a more human health care experience.

It also won the Video of the Year award at Swaay.Health Live 2024.


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