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The Communicator Awards, Instructional Content, 2023

Explainer videos make complex IT solutions simple

CDW has grown into a technology solutions leader by helping their customers solve their biggest challenges. As those challenges get more complex, the solutions get more difficult to explain. CDW needed to explain two multifaceted solutions to two distinct audiences with vastly different challenges.

StudioNorth created short, animated videos that helped CDW customers solve their most complex challenges.

The Challenge

CDW needed to explain these complex IT solutions simply enough to drive web traffic and generate leads:

  • For IT decision-makers (ITDMs) struggling to research automation solutions for hybrid workforces, CDW introduced an eProcurement (ePro) integration solution for greater visibility and reporting.
  • For retailers considering self-checkout to counter staff shortages, CDW introduced advanced, AI-powered solutions that boost loss prevention efforts.

The Solve

Video is the best way to explain a complex topic so it’s easy to understand. We structured videos for each solution as if they were conversations a customer would have with a CDW expert, highlighting the human element of working with CDW. The scripts were also acutely tuned to ITDMs’ buyer journeys, with just the right information to engage their curiosity based on interest they’d already demonstrated by visiting the solution landing pages.

Meanwhile, abstract imagery helped the videos feel inclusive to every type of audience, and dazzling animation set them apart from the “sea of sameness” in which so many business videos sink.

    The Result

    In their first year of availability, these videos delivered outstanding visibility, clickthrough rates and engagement.

    eProcurement Video:

    • 35,905 page views
    • 2.4% CTR
    • 2.9% engagement rate

    Loss Prevention Video:

    • 38,046 page views
    • 2.3% CTR
    • 2.8% engagement rate
    eProcurement Video
    Illustration of “WFH” text.
    Illustration of dots falling into funnel.
    Illustration of “Orders, quotes, costs” text in circles.
    Loss Prevention Video
    Illustration of store self checkout with red detection screen.
    Illustration of store security screen.
    Illustration of cashier and customer at checkout.

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