Collage of ostomy inspiration cards from World Ostomy Day Awareness Campaign.
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Ostomy Awareness Day Campaign


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HDMA Gold Winner, Social Media Content

Re-energizing an established brand with a social media influencer campaign.

Hollister, Inc. makes life more rewarding and dignified for ostomates — people who have had a life-saving procedure that allows bodily waste to pass through a surgically created ostomy in the abdomen. In the months preceding World Ostomy Day, Hollister asked StudioNorth to help it build brand awareness and shift its brand perception.

StudioNorth helped Hollister, Inc. develop this high-performing social influencer campaign.

The Challenge

Hollister is the market leader in ostomy products, but had a reputation as an older person’s brand. Younger ostomates generally preferred competitors’ products, with Hollister losing market share between the weeks immediately following surgery and a patient’s “new normal” life going forward.

In the months preceding World Ostomy Day, Hollister asked StudioNorth to help it build brand awareness and shift its brand perception — to help a younger demographic associate the Hollister brand with greater confidence, a stronger community, and tools for virtual connection.

The Solve

Ten Days, Thousands of Voices showcased 10 influential ostomy end-users in the 10 days leading up to the event. Along with videos of these advocates speaking about skin health, quality of life, and ostomy positivity, the campaign encouraged advocates to tag Hollister for additional exposure. The campaign culminated with a virtual cooking class featuring Nude Dude Food, during which they prepared a meal based on skin health.

To help build awareness, retention, and connection within the ostomate community, the complete social media and community engagement campaign included:

  • Instagram/Facebook influencer campaign
  • Instagram sticker pack
  • PR article content on
  • 3-part email series
  • Affirmation cards and booklet
  • Physical stoma stickers
  • Influencer stories (social videos)
  • Landing page
  • Campaign style guide
The Result

Changing audience perception starts with reaching and engaging with that audience. Hollister, Inc.’s Ostomy Awareness Day campaign succeeded in that regard beyond all expectations.

  • 27,354 total influencer video views
  • 19% more Facebook followers
  • 1M+ views of social stickers
  • 608% increase in total ad impressions from prior year
  • 9,097 click-throughs (up 445% from prior year)


Ten Days Thousands of Voices logo design with Carefree ostomy user.
Ostomy Awareness Campaign brand elements.
Animated Social Stickers

The social campaign featured a set of fun, empowering, animated social stickers that helped people personalize their stories and show support for ostomates. These stickers had more than one million views.

Animated social stickers: Ostomy Awareness Day
Animated social stickers: Ostomies Are Lifesavers
Animated social stickers: My Ostomate Voice
Animated social stickers: Pouch Proud
Animated social stickers: Love My Stoma. Love My Skin.
Animated social stickers: AMO my estoma. AMO my piel.
Animated social stickers: I Support Ostomy Awareness
Animated social stickers: Stronger Than You Think
Animated social stickers: No Colon Still Rollin’
Animated social stickers: Ready For Anything
Social media graphics encouraging sticker use and sharing.
Social media images shared by users to support Ostomy Awareness Day.
Life affirmation social card: “My OSTOMY makes it possible for me to say…”. Finish the sentence and get a shareable card about your experience!
Life-affirming Social Cards

To encourage user-generated content and additional participation, we also invited ostomates to complete the sentence: “My ostomy makes it possible for me to say ….” We turned their answers into a series of life-affirming social cards that could be downloaded and shared.

We compiled these cards, along with other helpful resources, into a guide for living life to the fullest with an ostomy. The booklet is filled with inspiration and practical advice on living with an ostomy from people who are doing it.

Life affirmation social card: “I can eat again!”
Life affirmation social card: “I made it to see my daughter’s first birthday”
Life affirmation social card: “I am working my DREAM JOB”
Life affirmation social card: “I’m not a PRISONER in my home!”
Life affirmation social card: “I chose an ostomy to give me the best QUALITY of life”
Life affirmation social card: “My fear disappeared as I learned to care for my new SELF.”
Life affirmation social card: “I can live a FULFILLING life again”
Life affirmation social card: “I am playing golf again!”
Life affirmation social card: “I will graduate from college!”
Life affirmation social card: “I can LIVE my life free of chromic pain”
Life affirmation social card: “I don’t feel sick anymore!”
Life affirmation social card: “I cherish all the little things!”
A brand guide for living life to the fullest with an ostomy.
Image 1 from social media Influencer video.
Image 2 from social media Influencer video.
Image 3 from social media Influencer video.

The campaign’s many tactics shifted Hollister’s brand perception with its audience in four stages: Awareness, Engagement, Conversion, and Loyalty, with additional tactics extending well past World Ostomy Day.

Influencer Marketing Award

The Ostomy Awareness Day Campaign won the gold award for Influencer Marketing at the BrandSmart Awards. Here’s Elina Yufa, Associate Programs Manager, US End User Marketing, accepting the award for Hollister, Inc.

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