Giving back

Inspire 180

The world’s problems
loom large.

Wars and strife.
Poverty and hunger.
Drought and disease. 

It seems overwhelming.

So how do we change things,
how can we make a difference?


One human being at a time. 

Building a legacy of hope

Inspire 180 was founded by Mark and Maggie Mohr after going on several mission trips to Third World countries and adopting their children from Haiti. Mark and Maggie have had the heart to help the underprivileged and under-sourced throughout the world.

By providing simple security — through education, micro-economic support, or just clean water — we build a foundation for a better, safer world for everyone. These efforts could not be more critical, especially in this time of global economic uncertainty when we’re all feeling less secure.

Learn how small, sustained efforts are helping to reshape lives in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Haiti. Surely and steadily, we are building a legacy of hope.