Making a difference where it matters

Giving back to communities around the corner or around the world has always been an integral part of StudioNorth’s culture.

We support our employees’ desire to help out with up to three additional days of paid time off for volunteer activities through our 3-2-V program.

Mark Mohr near Nairobi, Kenya. The team volunteered at schools and other ministries connected with Inspire180.

Michael Matteoni in Kenya.

The StudioNorth technology team volunteered at a local food-packing organization called Feed My Starving Children. Dmitriy and the team portioned food that was sent to fight hunger around the world.

It’s awesome to work at a company that supports your passions.

I’ve used 3-2-V days to go on two service trips and the program made the decision to go very easy.

– Stacy, Senior Designer

Stacy joined a medical service trip to Haiti. She helped organize and distribute medical and hygiene items.

Madeline traveled to El Salvador with a group that supports local community leaders as they address important social issues.

Mark Mohr with the team in Kenya.

Kyra took a day to sort, label and stack books at Bernie’s Book Bank, a local organization that provides quality books for at-risk children.

SN President Mark Mohr and his wife Maggie founded Inspire 180 after going on several mission trips and adopting two children from Haiti. Mark and Maggie have had the heart to help the underprivileged and under-sourced throughout the world.


Our Mission

By providing simple security — through education, micro-economic support, or just clean water—Inspire 180 builds a foundation for a better, safer world for everyone. These efforts could not be more critical, especially in this time of global economic uncertainty when we’re all feeling less secure.

Small, sustained efforts are helping to reshape lives in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Haiti. Surely and steadily, we are building a legacy of hope.