Our Giving Tuesday campaign launches today. Let’s make it matter!



You may have noticed the StudioNorth website has a new look—and a new motto: Make It Matter. What do we mean by that?

CEO Mark Mohr says, “We want to create marketing solutions that mean something to our clients’ audiences. We have some amazing clients, and we want everyone to know the good they’re bringing to the world.”

We work hard to ensure our work resonates—with both our clients and their audiences. We aim to make marketing meaningful and personal, to connect with our customers on a human level. We want everything we do to matter—to our clients, to our coworkers and to our community.

“We’ve always had the belief as an organization of giving back,” says Mark. “Frankly, it’s a part of StudioNorth’s DNA.”

For #GivingTuesday, we’re supporting The Cradle

In the spirit of making it matter, we’re launching our first-ever month-long campaign for #GivingTuesday, the global day of giving that’s become a powerful, week-after-Thanksgiving tradition.

We invited all SNers to nominate an organization they felt passionate about and present a “30-second pitch” to the rest of the Studio. The three organizations nominated were The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Freedom International Ministries, and The Cradle, an adoption agency in Evanston, Illinois that encourages open adoption between the birth mother and adoptive parents.

In a close vote, we ultimately chose The Cradle, nominated by Client Services team member Rob Schueneman, who has a particularly close connection to The Cradle because it brought him his first daughter, Emily. “The Cradle represents hope and encouragement,” he says. “They’re so good at counseling young women through the most challenging times of their lives.”

The Cradle is the only adoption agency in the country with an on-site nursery and which receives no government funding, relying on donations from organizations like StudioNorth to maintain its services.

Rob explained that a $50 donation to The Cradle buys a two-month supply of pacifiers. The clincher? He pulled out his daughter Emily’s 17-year-old pacifier from The Cradle. “They handed Emily to me and I burst into tears. The bond was instant. I just felt it in my chest, and deep in my heart—this is my baby.”

*cue tears*

Rob isn’t the only StudioNorth team member with a connection to The Cradle. Mark Mohr adopted two of his six children from The Cradle. (Mark and his wife, Maggie, have four adopted children, two from Haiti and two from The Cradle.) “The Cradle is important to me because they’ve helped create my family,” said Mark.

“It’s a world-class operation. Their love for the birth mothers is amazing. The Cradle isn’t a business. They get it, and they do the right things.”

November = 17 days of creative giving

On each of the 17 business days from November 1–27, the Studio will be offering our team members fun perks—like bring-your-pet-to-work day, lunch with Mark Mohr, and a bake-off contest—in exchange for cash donations to The Cradle. StudioNorth has committed to match all donations collected during the month of November.

We can’t wait to see what 17 Days of Giving has in store for the Studio. We’re hoping to raise money, awareness, and spirits this November as we reflect on what “Make It Matter” means to us.

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“We want the world to be a better place. Our world is filled with people who are takers,” says Mark. “The Studio is filled with people who want to give. As an organization, we feel like Giving Tuesday is a movement we align with and believe in.”

Please feel free to find out more or support any of these wonderful organizations. You don’t even have to wait until Giving Tuesday!

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