Could Live Video Be Organic Social’s Savior?


JULY 2017

With Facebook’s organic reach hovering around a measly 2%, social marketers have to pay to play more than ever. But live video could be the organic social savior we’ve been waiting for (at least for now). The stats certainly are promising.

eMarketer reports: “A January 2017 study from consulting firms Warc and Deloitte Digital noted that live video has the greatest potential when it centers on newsworthy events that attract high rates of sharing and commenting.”

And Facebook reported that as of February 2016, people viewed live videos on Facebook more than three times longer, on average, than non-live videos. In July 2016, Facebook told eMarketer that users comment 10 times more on Facebook Live videos than on regular videos.

Facebook—along with Twitter and YouTube—have both been making live streaming deals with sports leagues, e-sports and news networks, and improving their live streaming functionalities, proving that all social platforms are prioritizing live video content for 2018 and beyond.

Case Study: Live Crushes Native

We’ve seen the effectiveness of Facebook Live firsthand, with big payoffs for our clients.

Most recently, we published four live videos and six native videos over four days during a June event. The live videos outperformed the native videos in most of the raw numbers, and on a per-video basis delivered nearly twice the clicks, views and engagements.


The video views contributed to 96% of our Facebook engagements during that four-day span, which led to June producing that client’s highest amount of organic engagements so far this year.

How to do live streaming right

Ask Bill the Mystical SlothWondering if you should hit the “Live” button? The most important question to ask yourself is, “Am I going live for a compelling reason?”

Does the content in your broadcast hit a passion point for your audience? Are you taking them behind the scenes of an exclusive event? Sharing breaking news? Making them laugh? (Side note: Carnival Cruise Line’s “Bill the Mystical Sloth” made me LOL.)

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, follow these best practices to properly plan your live steam.

  • Have a promotion plan. Promote your live stream at least one week in advance, create a Facebook event, and post reminders the day of. (Crayola did a great job of this for its National Crayon Day announcement.)
  • Have your live stream loosely scripted to avoid awkward pauses, or consider a host to keep things moving.
  • Hook viewers in the first 3 seconds. People will tune out if nothing is going on.
  • Have a cutaway plan in case of emergency or technical difficulties.
  • Have a backup location if you’re planning to shoot outside.
  • Have a backup phone or camera.
  • Consider shooting in advance. Psst … Did you know you can pre-record video and broadcast it live using software like Telestream or OBS Studio? As long as it’s broadcasted live, Facebook will still prioritize it in the newsfeed!

Facebook’s blog is a great source of inspiration. Every week, 10 standout Facebook Lives are highlighted.

Want more tips or to share an awesome live stream you’ve seen? Send us a tweet @StudioNorthUSA.

Allison Grant

Allison Grant

Social Media Coordinator

As StudioNorth's Social Media Coordinator, Allison has perfected the art of writing in 140 characters or less. When she's not tweeting, she enjoys reading, road trips and the great outdoors.

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