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DGIS Video: “Scott vs. the Coffeemaker”


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Social video ad captures a race with a coffeemaker

Shipping hazardous materials such as explosives, flammables and lithium battery devices means navigating a complex web of domestic, international and carrier regulations. Some shippers still use manual, paper-based processes to complete all the compliant documentation, but most use some form of software to automate the process. Labelmaster’s Dangerous Goods Information System (DGIS) is the industry’s fastest, easiest-to-use software.

To spotlight the speed of DGIS hazmat software, this video captures a race with a coffeemaker.

The Challenge

DGIS completes documentation in seconds that can take several minutes if done manually. It’s also much faster (and offers far greater functionality) than software offered by carriers. Yet, because hazmat shipping is so complex, it’s hard to convey the benefits of using DGIS.

So, we created a short, social video focusing on one simple benefit—speed—to reach the most potential users with the most easily understood message.

The Solve

To make the speed and easy interface of DGIS more tangible, we decided to compare it with a task most shipping pros do every day. And what’s more universal than making a cup of coffee?

This 75-second video has a lot of fun capturing the race between Scott (Labelmaster’s Midwest Sales Manager for Software) and an ordinary, single-cup coffeemaker. Meanwhile, viewers see various DGIS screens and get a sense of how easy it is to enter and store information, while Scott completes documentation for not one, not two, but three separate shipments before his coffee is ready.

Closeup of Scott drinking coffee from a green coffee cup.
DGIS software screen.
Closeup of handle pressing leverage on coffeemaker.
Closeup of printer with reports.
Storyboards of “Scott vs. the Coffeemaker” video.
Production set 2.
Production set 1.

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