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Engaging the creative side of science

Controlling the insect vectors of diseases such as malaria, dengue, West Nile, and others is a complex challenge—arguably equal parts art (understanding the habits and habitats of the target insects) and science (finding effective treatments that maintain sustainable control without damaging the environment).

Valent BioSciences is global leader in public health vector control that combines in-depth habitat management expertise with the most comprehensive range of target-specific biorational solutions for public health professionals.

A paint-by-numbers solution

Once a year, leading public health officials from around the world gather at the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA) annual meeting to share the latest strategies and solutions for preventing insect-borne diseases.

A longtime exhibitor at the event, Valent was looking to engage attendees in a way that celebrated the major accomplishments of this often under recognized group of professionals.

The large-format paint-by-numbers exhibit offered an interactive way to draw attendees into the booth and share in the experience of creating artwork depicting significant milestones in the history of public health.

The conversion process

Paint by Numbers Conversion
Original Watercolor Artwork
Paint by Numbers Conversion
Conversion to Paint-by-Numbers
Paint by Numbers Conversion
Conversion to Paint-by-Numbers
Paint by Numbers Conversion
Conversion to Paint-by-Numbers
Paint by Numbers Conversion
Colored by Paint-by-Numbers During the Show
“Who would have guessed that in this techno-era, that a simple hands-on coloring activity would resonate so well.”

Paint-by-Number Marker

In addition to creating a collaborative environment that fostered discussion among attendees and Valent representatives (the booth was filled to capacity throughout the exhibit hours), the finished art was raffled off at the end of the show to one lucky participant.

The custom illustrations for the paint-by-numbers and other booth graphics were reproduced from Valent’s “The Art and Science of Public Health” series of annual calendars.

These exquisite calendars were extremely popular with Valent customers, public health professionals and government officials around the world. Many of the recipients framed the individual pages at the end of the year.

Bringing art to the brand

Valent BioSciences carried through the theme of “The Art & Science of Public Health” through all collateral materials including advertisements, product brochures and booth graphics. Fine artists brought various interpretations to the subject matter while also setting the brand apart from the competition.
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