Connecting shippers, suppliers and hazmat geeks

Labelmaster sells supplies, software and services to businesses that ship Dangerous Goods—a business overseen by dozens of overlapping domestic and international bodies.

Many shippers feel overwhelmed by the complexity. At the other end of the spectrum are the self-proclaimed “hazmat geeks,” who advise and train shippers while staying up-to-the-minute on the latest regulatory updates.

There’s only one way to connect with this wide—yet niche—market: demonstrate complete command of the industry’s complexity, in the same mindset as those who deal with it every day.

We’ve built strong relationships with hazmat experts within Labelmaster and beyond, as well as Labelmaster customers. Interacting with this friendly, knowledgeable and slightly warped community helps us maintain Labelmaster’s position as the industry thought leader.

Command of the issues

We work closely with Labelmaster’s in-house regulatory experts to create these regular print publications, combining industry opinion and insight with a mini-catalogue of Labelmaster tools and solutions.

Labelmaster DG Report Vol. 06
Labelmaster DG Report
DG Report Vol. 07

Command of the details

What makes lithium batteries considered hazardous? What packaging makes my shipment compliant? Our eye-catching infographics combine granular details with history, explanation and a touch of humor—check out the Hazmat Zodiac!

Command the mindset

We interview longtime clients to create videos that capture their in-depth knowledge and concern for safety, while our widely-searched and shared blog posts range from industry insight to Game of Thrones mashups.


Two commanding campaigns

ERG Infographic
ERG Display Ad
Display Ad
ERG Social Campaign
Social Ad
In late 2015, we helped Labelmaster launch its Essential ERG campaign, repositioning the US Department of Transportation’s Emergency Response Guidebook as the indispensable resource that “keeps an accident from becoming a worst-case scenario.” A DG Report cover story and infographic ignited the demand, with blog posts and social ads driving pre-sales.
Results? In the first three months of the campaign, Labelmaster logged more than double its projected pre-sales—218%, to be exact.



In 2016, Labelmaster requested a campaign to highlight the company’s unique advantages in the hazmat label category, supporting their brand in an engaging and entertaining way.
We reinforced Labelmaster’s position as the leader in hazmat compliance by making their name synonymous with compliance. Display, paid and organic social creative featured GIFs with statements like “Compliance is … looking a DOT inspector in the eye” that changed to “Compliance is … Labelmaster.”
Display Ads

Labels Display Ad 336x280

Labels Display Ad 320x100



These posts averaged a 6.67% engagement rate, while the related direct mail piece surpassed Labelmaster’s incremental revenue goal.
Labels Display Ad 160x600
Campaign Landing Page

Labelmaster Labels Campaign Landing Page

Labelmaster Labels Direct Mailer
Direct Mailer
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