The media and metrics matter

As the marketplace evolves to embrace technology-driven experiences, “digital” has become a given in the marketing world. Building a successful omnichannel program takes an in-depth knowledge of each channel/platform’s strengths and shortcomings, coupled with a solid understanding of an audience’s information consumption preferences.

No matter where you are in building your integrated communication strategy, we’ll meet you where you’re at with technical knowledge, industry expertise and a creative edge.

Website/mobile development

Every successful website or mobile app starts with a solid foundation that addresses some fundamental questions. What are your goals? What do you want your visitors/users to do? How does it connect across other platforms in your digital ecosystem? How will you define success?

We’ll take the answers to these questions and apply some best-practice principles to create a structure that aligns with your objectives and enables the functionality to make it all possible.

UI/UX design

Once a structure is determined, our UI/UX team goes to work designing and constructing interface elements that create an intuitive overall experience. We’ll test these designs with groups of users to ensure your website or mobile app exceeds the expectations of your target audiences.


Getting your website higher up in the search engine rankings takes a solid understanding of rules and algorithms that are anything but solid. Fortunately, our in-house specialists are up on the latest developments in the world of search engine optimization.


Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are changing the ways we interact with computers and the world around us. At StudioNorth, we’re always looking to integrate the latest exciting technology where it makes sense and can make a difference for our clients. From product demonstrations to virtual solution walk-throughs, our clients are starting to see the benefits of the practical applications of these technologies.

Metrics dashboards

With so many ways of tracking and measuring performance data, it can be difficult to sort through it all to find the actionable insights. That’s where a thoughtfully constructed metrics dashboard can make a big difference. By putting what matters most front and center, you can spot trends more quickly and act on better information.

Email marketing technology

Years of experience with email marketing has taught us a few things—not only about designing email communications that grab attention and drive audiences to action, but also about getting those messages to your audience in the first place. We’re certified on Eloqua and Hubspot, and we can help with list management and development, message creation, message scheduling and delivery.

Adwords/PPC campaigns

Need help re-engaging visitors with remarketing ads and reaching new visitors with effectively targeted search and display ads? We can help determine the best keywords and targeting to reach the right audiences and drive the most ROI. We can also develop social ad campaigns on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or whatever platform is most frequented by your audience.


There’s no better way to make learning fun than to make a game out of it. And we have so many ways to turn your objectives into competitive excitement that drives engagement at any seminar, team meeting, client event or trade show.


StudioNorth partners with Choozle, Madison Logic and Tableau for digital marketing and advertising services. We are also certified for Adobe partnership, Adobe analytics, Eloqua and Google AdWords.