Cancer Treatment Centers of America


The voice of a community living with cancer


Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is different from other hospital systems. More than any other, CTCA depends on its community of patients and their families sharing their stories of hope and recovery.

Since 2012, CTCA has trusted StudioNorth to speak in and share the voice of that community—in both new and traditional channels.

StudioNorth worked closely with the CTCA Patient Advisory Council to help define the interactive tree experience. One PAC member said, “This is our digital community. It is a testament of encouragement, connection and our documented legacy.”

A tree of life, come to life

CTCA has a touching, longstanding tradition of inscribing the names of five-year cancer survivors in brass leaves on a Tree of Life in every hospital lobby.

To make this moving display more available—and infinitely expandable—we created the digital Interactive Survivors’ Tree. In this self-contained display each leaf reveals a detailed, first-person story from a five-year survivor.

CTCA Tree of Life

CTCA Tree of Life

CTCA Tree of Life

With visitors accessing the Interactive Survivors Tree in the five CTCA hospital lobbies, it has collected more than 5,000 views, with the average session lasting 7 minutes.



A place to get support, give support

In 2015, CTCA asked us to develop a new website for their Cancer Fighters organization of nearly 20,000 cancer survivors, caregivers and family members.

In the process of researching user personas, we noticed a progression from newly diagnosed patients who needed all the support they could get, to longer-term survivors who wanted to “give back” and share their support. We built this progression into the website’s main navigation—a simple choice between Get Support and Give Support.

We also created Story Builder—a complete, user-directed tool that helps Cancer Fighters members write, design and share their experiences. Dozens of these stories grace the website as pillars of support for newer members who need it most.

Support for mind, body and soul

Three times a year, we work with Cancer Fighters on integrated campaigns that offer members something they’ll find useful in their cancer journeys. From meditation candles to nutrition guides, the campaigns reinforce the support Cancer Fighters offers its members.

In early 2017, Cancer Fighters took on a topic affecting many of its members directly: “chemo brain”—the mental fogginess and memory loss that often result from cancer treatment. We created a completely new type of resource for patients with chemo brain: the Cancer Fighters® Brain Trainer Activity Book.

The campaign’s response quickly exceeded all previous campaigns, with a 17% response to direct mail and a 8.6% click-through rate from email, representing 7.2% of total Cancer Fighters members.

Credibility and comfort

Cancer patients deciding where to seek treatment may well be making life-or-death decisions. They need assurances that a cancer center can offer them the latest methodologies and technologies.

To communicate that assurance, StudioNorth has created ads for CTCA that have run in some of the nation’s most prominent publications, including The New York Times, Oprah, Real Simple and Genomics. They communicate scientific credibility along with the comfort patients can expect when they treat at CTCA.