What’s on your headphones? Culture Inside the Studio, vol. 1


JULY 2016

StudioNorth PlaylistSome folks at StudioNorth can’t imagine coming to work without their headphones.

Yes, we work in a creative and collaborative space, but it’s nice to tune out the chatter once in a while and tune in to music to focus on daily, creative tasks. For some of us, it’s essential.

Seeing so many coworkers in headphones got me thinking. What are they listening to? Does it help them focus? Maybe they’re listening to Chance’s new album? NPR? Classical music? Or maybe they’re only pretending to be listening to something so others don’t distract them … hmm … that’s clever.

I started chatting with people around the office and here’s what I learned:

The Unofficial Headphone Poll


Headphone Poll 1Headphone Chart 2

Lyrics Poll

Okay, so what exactly are we listening to?

This information is interesting and all, but I really wanted to know WHAT people were listening to (mainly to selfishly add to my current playlists), so I asked people to write in anything they wanted.

Listening to music at work“Current Hit Music, EDM, Hip-Hop/Rap”

“Custom playlists of various rap, rock and dubstep”

“Familiar music – otherwise it’s too distracting”

“Meghan Trainor – Thank You (Energy); Hamilton Cast Album (For repetitive tasks); George Winston – December (Best album for deep thinking)”

“Classical music on MFMT 98.7”

“Low concentration tasks = mostly old school rap, singer/songwriters, things my friends/coworkers have recently recommended. If I need more focus, I queue up video game soundtracks designed to entertain and not distract. Go-to is the Bastion soundtrack. If I need ULTIMATE focus I rely on the 26:52 Miles Davis tribute to Jack Johnson, ‘Right Off’.”

If anything, I got some good recommendations and I’m putting my #SNeadphones* to good use.

The Headphone Effect

Research has proven music cultivates creativity; it doesn’t just drown out outside noise or get you in the zone when you need to concentrate, but can actually make you more productive.

Bonding over a great podcast or specific song also does great things for teams. Listening to various types of music helps people feel emotionally closer, ultimately leading to more collaboration, partnership and the ability to finish tasks quicker and with less conflict.

As you can see in the section above, it would be pretty hard to get our team to agree on an existing playlist, so we thought, why not just CREATE one? So, here’s our very own StudioNorth Work Playlist. Enjoy!

Let us know your current favorite songs or podcasts, with a comment below!

Madeline Holler

Madeline Holler

Engagement and Analytics Coordinator

Madeline is StudioNorth’s Engagement and Analytics Coordinator, a world traveler, a tarantula owner, and a multi-talented coffee brewer (pour over, drip, espresso, and French press). Her credo: “As the world continues to evolve, I strive to both evolve with it and produce positive, effective and necessary change.”

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