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Social Media Week Chicago is a dream come true for social media marketers. The yearly event, organized by Crowdcentric, brings experts from the industry’s leading brands (National Geographic, Instagram and Pinterest were just a few that spoke this year) to the Windy City to share best practices and talk the future of social.

Social Media Week Chicago

If you had to summarize last week’s Social Media Week Chicago 2016 in one word, it would be video. If you’re not thinking video first when it comes to social media, especially on Facebook, you’re in the social Stone Age.

Several sessions throughout the week focused on social video best practices, viral content, social advocacy and creating new experiences on social. The key takeaways from last week are best summed up in these ten tweets. 

‪@cksocial ck
There’s been an 800% increase in videos views on social since 2015. If you’re not video-first, then you’re behind. #SMWChicago #Facebook

Whoa: There is a 2.5s view time on desktop, and 1.7s view time on mobile. Need to think about our videos more intelligently. #SMWchicago

TV creative is opposite mobile – TV grabs attention at the finish & mobile needs to captivate in the 1st second. @gandrewmeyer #SMWChicago

4 out of 5 consumers check their social media within 15 minutes of waking up, according to @EdelmanPR research. #SMWChicago

Get to the heart of the matter in the first 1.5 seconds for Facebook video #SMWChicago #SMWLittleThing

This is the best time ever to do Facebook video, because they’re competing with YouTube. Post natively, and you’re favored. #SMWChicago

‪‏‪‏@rstapley ‬‬‬‬‪ @rstapley 
‪9:1 rule “For every 1 hour you spend creating content, spend 9 towards promoting it” @StuartDerman #SMWChicago

67% of users will advocate for your brand if your content is good… even if they’re not buying from you! @heatherAtaylor #SMWChicago

No one ever stopped following a brand because they didn’t hear from them enough. Speak only when you have something to say #SMWChicago

@Symmetri @Symmetri 
“The only way to stand out these days is to create experiences people don’t know about yet.” – @TheWebbyAwards #SMWChicago

If you were following #SMWChicago on Twitter, what topics stood out to you? Send us a tweet @StudioNorthUSA!

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Allison Grant

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