Q & A: StudioNorth, Adobe Solution Partners and breakneck change


MAY 2016

Since we renewed our Adobe Solution Partnership a few weeks ago, I’ve been fielding questions from both inside and outside StudioNorth about what that actually means.

Adobe Solutions Partner

The short answer: Digital marketing is changing with breakneck speed, and being an Adobe Solution Partner helps StudioNorth and our clients stay ahead of the curve.

Here are a few more detailed answers:

What is an Adobe Solution Partner?

An Adobe Solution Partner is a company with expertise in integrating Adobe products. There are only about 400 partners, and less than half of them are interactive agencies.

As a creative agency, we use Adobe’s Creative Cloud every day. When we operate as an Adobe Solution Partner, our primary focus going forward will be the Adobe Marketing Cloud.

What’s the Adobe Marketing Cloud?

The Adobe Marketing Cloud is a suite of marketing technology platforms that cover everything from analytics to content management to social media. They’re engineered to work together seamlessly.
Adobe Marketing Cloud

What about Adobe appeals to StudioNorth?

Back in January, we were all astonished at this supergraphic of all the companies in marketing technology—something like 1800 different vendors, from industry giants to tiny startups. It was a huge wake-up call.


No matter how smart or dedicated you are, you just can’t keep up with the changes in digital marketing. The state of the art literally changes day-to-day.

We want to be on board with the leaders in the space, and right now that’s Adobe.

Anyone can recommend Adobe products. How does the partnership benefit StudioNorth’s clients?

We have access to beta versions of new Adobe offerings, so we have extra intelligence for those recommendations. And there’s a huge library of demos we can share with clients and potential clients, to demonstrate how Adobe products work in situations similar to theirs.

Plus, if Adobe is the best fit for their needs, we can offer Adobe’s solutions at a discount, and at the same time add even more value with what we’re already great at.

Besides the discounts, how will StudioNorth’s clients benefit?

Our biggest clients already use various parts of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, so partnership maintains our strong ability to support them.

For our more mid-sized clients, or potential new clients, if the Adobe Marketing Cloud looks like a good answer for them, we’ll be the perfect partner to manage their transition. Migration can be a real headache if it’s not managed properly. We can help with audits, restructuring, re-templating—whatever it takes to get them up and running at full power.

So are you just a flack for Adobe?

Well, we wouldn’t be an Adobe Solution Partner if we didn’t think their offerings were first-rate. But we still approach every client need on a case-by-case basis. We recommend the best solution, period. If that’s an Adobe product, great. If not, that’s  fine, too.

You still support other platforms?

Absolutely. Right now we have clients who run their websites, blogs and email on three different platforms, and they’re perfectly happy with that set-up. We currently support three or four different content management systems, at least three marketing automation platforms and several other tools I won’t even begin to count.

None of that will change. We support whatever works best for our clients.

What will change is, if a client wants a different or more integrated approach, we’re better positioned to offer solutions from Adobe.

Hey, aren’t you really that guy from Mythbusters?

Please. I’d like to see Adam Savage lead a team of developers to build an immersive trade show experience. Anyone can blow up an RV.



Andy Goodfellow

Andy Goodfellow

Vice President of Digital

As StudioNorth’s Vice President of Digital, Andy inhabits the Venn diagram where technology, creativity and business overlap, tracking trends and driving results for more than a decade and a half. When he’s not trolling his killer team of unicorn ninja software engineers, he’s paying his two boys their allowance in bitcoin.

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