Heroes Who Get IT!

The CDW “Heroes Who Get IT!” social campaign was a dynamic and playful way for CDW to salute their customers as IT Heroes: recognizing their technical expertise, acknowledging their special secret super-powers, and celebrating their general awesomeness. It also served as a strong interactive vehicle to increase awareness of the CDW brand, the “People Who Get IT,” and promote CDW as a technology solutions provider — to the enterprise-level IT specialist in CDW’s various market segments in particular, but also to a larger population of technology users in businesses of all sizes and stripes across the country.

Project Details

Client: CDW
Skills: Campaign branding, Mobile App, Web Design
Awards: BtoB’s Best Award, BMA Tower Award Gold

Project Feature

It also served as a dynamic vehicle for increasing awareness of CDW’s overarching brand, the “People Who Get IT,” and promoting CDW as a technology solutions provider.

Live Project

Project Feature

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