Our Process

Like any agency, there’s a method to our magic.


Method to our magic

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Unlike other agencies, we don’t just ask a few questions and then disappear to return with the perfect solution. Our process requires active participation from clients who want to succeed just as much as we want them to.

This is where we get to know you — your communication needs (and what metrics will define success), your solutions, your past marketing campaigns, your customers, your competitors, your marketplace… you get the idea. But, more than that, we want to understand the emotional dynamics at work. What are your customers thinking? What are their goals? What keeps them up at night?

In the messaging phase, we’ll take what makes you unique (or help you find that defining characteristic) and map it across your audience segments. We’ll align your solutions with your customers’ needs and find that true meaning that’s going to inspire action for each stakeholder group.

Once we know who we’re talking to and what we’re going to say, it’s time to choose the right channels, plan the optimal cadence and build the right tactics to match the customer journey.

By reviewing the metrics defined during the discovery phase together, we’ll see what’s working well and what can be refined to further improve effectiveness.


We meet you where you're at.

When it comes to crafting, designing, or delivering your true meaning, we can engage with you at any point along a continuum. It’s all about meeting your needs based on where you are in your journey.

Story Continuum

If you’ve got a marketing objective in mind — but you want to develop a compelling story about the true meaning behind the proposition — we’ll start with the developing phase. It’s a more strategic phase, building a narrative, visuals, and content from the ground up.

The designing phase is a blend of strategy and implementation. If you’ve got a meaningful message developed, we can help shape or re-shape the story for particular applications or audiences.

The delivering phase is about creating engaging user experiences — in any combination of print, digital, video, or social channels — to tell your story to employees, customers, prospects, and other stakeholders.

So, no matter where you are on the continuum, we’re here to help.