LinkedIn’s Redesign: What Social Media Managers Need to Know


MARCH 2017

LinkedIn Feed

If you did a double-take when you logged into LinkedIn recently, you’re probably not alone. The streamlined redesign now resembles Facebook’s newsfeed, with improved search features and a simpler top navigation.

There are also notable changes to how content is displayed on the newsfeed. Social media managers need to be aware of these changes to provide their followers the best user experience. If you manage a LinkedIn page, stick to these best practices.

Keep copy under 200 characters

Anything longer will now be truncated, and users will have to click “see more” to read the rest of your post. Keep copy engaging, short and to the point.

Keep copy short

Review how your post displays before posting

You now have less control over how an article preview is displayed:

  • You can no longer edit the article’s headline.
  • You can’t replace the preview image, either.
  • The article’s URL appears under the headline, and you cannot remove it.

If you’d like to use a different image than the one LinkedIn selects for the article preview, you can natively upload an image. Just remember—when you natively upload a photo, it will not be clickable, and your post won’t display the article’s headline or URL, so don’t forget to include the headline and a link in your content.

Old preview

Old Preview

New preview

New Preview

Don’t write “lazy” content

LinkedIn no longer pulls in copy from the article you’re linking to—just the headline. So, please, whatever you do, don’t make your above-the-image copy the same as the article headline that shows up in the preview. I call this the “lazy content” approach.

Be original and catchy with your content. A short snippet or quote from the destination can be a great attention-grabber.

Size native images to 1200 x 628 pixels

Images are cropped differently depending on what device the user is on, but this is the optimal size for desktop and mobile. If your images are too small, gray bars will appear along the sides or top and bottom of your graphic.

Native image size

You can now tag other companies in company page posts

Finally, some good news!

The ability to tag companies was once available only to individuals, but now you can tag other companies, too. This is a great way to boost impressions, start conversations with other brands and give recognition when you’re sharing third-party content.

Tag other companies

Have any other best practices for posting on the new LinkedIn redesign that I left out? Leave a comment or tweet us at @StudioNorthUSA.

Allison Grant

Allison Grant

Social Media Coordinator

As StudioNorth's Social Media Coordinator, Allison has perfected the art of writing in 140 characters or less. When she's not tweeting, she enjoys reading, road trips and the great outdoors.

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