Launching our new event gaming system: 4 things I’ve learned


APRIL 2017

GameBuzz Booth Exhibitor Live '17

I’ve worked dozens of trade shows on behalf of clients over the years, but until Exhibitor Live ’17 I’d never been the client.

I was there in Las Vegas with a small StudioNorth team to introduce GameBuzz—our interactive, digital, high-energy event gaming system. Exhibitor Live—the annual development conference for trade show and corporate event marketers—seemed like a perfect place to get GameBuzz in front of the people most likely to use it themselves.

A few weeks later, I shared GameBuzz with a smaller group of event, meeting and planning people at the TS Tech Summit.

Both events were eye-openers for me. Here’s what I learned:

1. Everyone wants to deliver an experience.

The days of event visitors just sitting and listening are over. Of course, I’ve always known this—that’s why StudioNorth has been creating gaming solutions for more than 20 years—but now everyone in the business is on the same page.

In my informal polling of event professionals, their top issue by a wide margin is, “bringing more energy to their booth.”

Fortunately, I think we’re in a great place with GameBuzz. It’s all about being an immersive, high-energy experience. (Check out the above video from Exhibitor ‘17 to see what I mean.) We had people laughing, high-fiving and rooting for other players. I remember two women having so much fun pitted against each other, they gave our emcee a hug. That’s a memorable experience!

2. You don’t need a big booth to create a big buzz.

Our booth at Exhibitor ’17 was just 20′ by 10′, and half of that was a meeting area that we barely used. All the action was in the front!

While I’m used to working with enormous booth spaces at events like HIMSS, we’ve built GameBuzz to rock a 10′ x 10′ booth with minimal infrastructure. Set up a few tables and a monitor, and you can get a crowd buzzing just about anywhere.

GameBuzz Booth

Notice how GameBuzz extends the reach of our booth beyond its official footprint. Attracting curious crowds of potential game-players effectively makes the exhibit floor’s hallways part of our booth!

3. “Events” means a lot more than “trade shows.”

My background is in trade shows, and part of the genius of GameBuzz is the way it draws people walking by right into your booth. Everyone loves watching a game, and the crowd gathering around the players gives your booth a tremendous “buzz,” even with the information overload of a big trade show.

But the folks I got to know at the TS Tech Summit don’t just put up trade show booths. They plan entire events—everything from picking out food and booking speakers to negotiating hotel contracts. They may do trade shows, but they also run corporate events and smaller regional events that are just as important. One woman I met does 70 a year!

4. Gamebuzz has way more potential than I realized.

The meeting and planning pros at TS Tech Summit saw a ton of potential in GameBuzz. They suggested that, instead of being sponsored by a specific vendor, it could make a great icebreaker to open a whole event.

Another idea I really love is to use GameBuzz as a training tool.

Get your event buzzing! GameBuzz!Say you’ve got a few dozen sales people in for a daylong training session. You want to test them on what they’ve learned. Why not do it in a fun way, with GameBuzz content customized to reflect the day’s sessions? I bet those sales teams will be way more motivated to pay attention all day if they know they’re going to have fun using their knowledge to compete against each other later!

We’ve only just launched GameBuzz, but I think it’s going to catch on. A woman at TS Tech Summit told me she and her team had been looking for an event gaming system, but she’d just texted her team: “Stop looking at gaming systems, we found one!”

Want to make your next event unforgettable? Get people buzzing with GameBuzz—the customizable, interactive, digital game platform that delivers better branding, smarter education and more fun.

Please contact me if you’d like to know more about GameBuzz!

Debbie Knighton

Debbie Knighton

Event Director

As Event Director for StudioNorth, Debbie puts her heart and soul into every event she works on—from planning, to training, to ensuring everything onsite is working together and running smoothly. When she’s not in “event mode” she enjoys shopping, going to plays and taking road trips with her husband on their Harley.

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