Inside the Smartphone: StudioNorth’s top 10 favorite apps



Ever wonder what your coworkers do on their phones all day? What new apps are informing them, entertaining them or making their lives easier?

I asked my StudioNorth colleagues about their favorite apps, and their responses ran the gamut from creative expression to complete timewasters—choosing a Top 10 was just about impossible. Maybe you’ll find one or two on this list to download yourself. I know I did!



1 Second Everyday

“Take a short video every day. The app pulls the daily videos into a calendar where you can easily trim to your favorite ‘1 second’ moment—and then it stitches them all together. So far my 2015 compilation is just over 3 minutes.”



“Think of it as Photoshop for your smartphone. It lets you edit everything from the lighting to adding textures, with a ton of built-in filters and frames.”

afterlight_screen3_322x572 afterlight_screen4_322x572 afterlight_screen322x572


Alien Blue

“The hands-down best Reddit client I’ve found to date. Night mode makes it very easy to read. The panel-based interface lets me consume a ton of information quickly, with a unique, extremely usable diagonal menu.”




“I was a traditional pen and notebook person.  I made many attempts to switch to a digital platform, but Evernote was the magic bullet that let me carry my 5+ daily notebooks on my phone.”



“SpotHero helps find parking or a valet near your destination. You can reserve a spot right from the app and it’s often at a discounted rate!”

Spothero_screen322x572  spothero2_screen322x572  spothero3_screen322x572


Nike+ Running

“I get all my stats (time, distance, calories, etc.) synced with data from my running watch. It congratulates me when I break one of my records, and tells me how I compare to other females in my age group.”

Nike_Run_screen322x572   Nike_Run3_screen322x572  Nike_Run2_screen322x572


SleepCycle_icon_100x100Sleep Cycle

“You know what makes me extra productive? A good night’s sleep. I’ve been using this app for years to track my sleep, and as my alarm. It’s like a food journal for sleep!”



Two Dots

“Deleting dots either in rows or squares totally satisfies my OCD tendencies—clean up and move on to the next level. Also, they put a lot of time into designing the map showing all the levels.”

Two_Dots_screen4_322x572 Two_Dots_screen322x572 Two_Dots_screen3_322x572


Sound Touch

“I just enable Guided Access and let my one-year-old son browse the pictures and sounds. With six categories of images, twelve subjects per category, and three images per subject, it’s a great distraction during diaper changes.”



Weather App Collection

“I’m curious about the way different apps display the same information. I have Yahoo Weather, The Weather Channel (I like the current radar video), Dark Sky (practical and fun interface), Solar (it’s just pretty) and Weathercube.”

Dark_Sky_screen322x572  Solar_screen2_568x568   Weather_Cube_screen568x568


Allison Grant

Allison Grant

Social Media Coordinator

As StudioNorth's Social Media Coordinator, Allison has perfected the art of writing in 140 characters or less. When she's not tweeting, she enjoys reading, road trips and the great outdoors.

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