How your phone can preserve your Thanksgiving sanity



Give Thanks

Thanksgiving. It’s a time for yummy pumpkin pie, lively parades, rivalry football games, quality family time and a space to reflect on things to be grateful for.

But let’s be real for a second.

Thanksgiving usually also brings: the craziness of bringing family and friends into the same room, too much time spent in the kitchen preparing for a meal that’s scarfed down in a few seconds, the reminder that your loved ones have passed or live far away, or that one loud cousin who won’t stop talking politics. Especially this year. Yikes.

You know us—we like to think there’s an app for every occasion. To survive your inevitable holiday stress, here’s a list of our favorite resources to:

  • Fill the silence—or stop the bickering
  • Get away from the craziness to pause and reflect
  • Help you get involved and give back

We hope these help you enjoy the holidays without a hitch!

Prep for Thanksgiving

Organize your to-dos and remember that ONE ingredient by downloading Wunderlist.

You may already be using your mom’s stuffing recipe, but for the chef and non-chef alike, Food Network in the Kitchen is a lifesaver for the big how-to’s and the little side dishes. And now that your cousin went vegan, use Yummly to spit out a unique recipe with her food restrictions.

 WunderlistFood NetworkYummlyVivino

Oh, and don’t forget the wine. Impress your relatives and friends by pairing the best wine with your favorite dish, all within your price range, using Vivino.

Thanksgiving Day

Maybe try out a #mannequinchallenge while the family is cooking in the kitchen or your friends are around the table. (Check out our attempt below for some inspiration ) Make sure to submit yours so we can see!

Heads UpIf you don’t have any Thanksgiving plans, consider running a 5K or find a place to volunteer for your favorite cause!
After dinner is over and ESPN has been playing games all day, turn down your Thanksgiving Spotify playlist and fill the room with laughter by opening up Heads Up or SpaceTeam. You’ll get everyone to join in and forget about why they were bickering about anything in the first place.

Make sure to document that funny face Grandma made during the game with Boomerang, or create a Snapchat geofilter for your guests to use throughout the day!

If you need to step away from all of the craziness, use Happier to take a quick meditation break.

Whew. You made it.


FlippSave $ on Black Friday & Cyber Monday by using Black Friday App and Flipp, but don’t forget about giving back on #GivingTuesday.

Giving Tuesday

Whether you use one or all of these resources during Thanksgiving, we encourage you—at some point—to put your devices down and enjoy conversations with those around you.

On behalf of all of us here at StudioNorth, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Madeline Holler

Madeline Holler

Engagement and Analytics Coordinator

Madeline is StudioNorth’s Engagement and Analytics Coordinator, a world traveler, a tarantula owner, and a multi-talented coffee brewer (pour over, drip, espresso, and French press). Her credo: “As the world continues to evolve, I strive to both evolve with it and produce positive, effective and necessary change.”

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