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When’s the last time visitors exchanged high-fives at your event booth?

Most trade show attendees wander from booth to booth for hours, picking up swag and getting sore feet. Grab their attention with contagious action and excitement—people having fun and cheering each other on!

Attendees play games, test each other’s skill and poke fun at each other. Meanwhile, they’re chatting with your team and learning about your company.

Get your potential customers competing, having fun and engaging with your brand—with GameBuzz!

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What is GameBuzz?

This turnkey system includes:
StudioNorth GameBuzz


Frequently Asked Questions


Six fast-paced games keep the experience fresh


High Five


Survey says... you’ll have a blast naming the top five crowd responses.

Questionable Answers


A fun spin on that classic TV game show where players reply in the form of a question.

Picture This!


Players flex their creative muscles by drawing an industry-related object in 30 seconds or less.

High Low


The number on the screen is wrong—but players have to guess if the right answer is higher or lower.

I know that!


Quick trivia quiz on your business, industry trends and fun facts.



The big screen slowly reveals an object from your industry, while players race to name it correctly.



GameBuzz in action


GameBuzz in Action!

  • Up to six players play with hand-held buzzers
  • The host controls the games with a tablet
  • Everyone follows the action on a large touchscreen monitor
  • GameBuzz automatically tallies points for each player
  • The whole crowd gets involved through their smartphones (High Five only)

Tom ClarkMeet our top host, Tom Clark!

You may have seen Tom in Anchorman 2 or Secretariat, or in his Emmy-winning role as host of Atlanta’s “Peachtree Morning.” But when you see him hosting GameBuzz at a bustling trade show, you’ll appreciate his greatest talent—making everyone playing and watching feel like a winner!

Tom is a winner of the Game Show Network’s “Coast to Coast Search for a Host” competition, and the skills that helped him win will make your booth’s GameBuzz experience unbeatable.

Tom is always in high demand for GameBuzz—he books months in advance—but he’s just one of many GameBuzz hosts who can transform your booth into a fun, lead-generating, brand-boosting destination.



Want a killer booth?
GameBuzz can be just the beginning.




For more information, contact:

Debbie Knighton


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GameBuzz FAQs


Will GameBuzz work at any event or trade show?

Absolutely! We’ve seen success at numerous trade shows in different industries, as well as corporate events with a captive audience.

How do the games promote our brand?

Your logo will be part of the game system interface, along with primary and secondary colors customized to match your brand. More important, the game questions and answers demonstrate your teams’ depth of knowledge within your industry.

Who writes the questions and answers?

You do—and we’ll set you up with a form that makes it easy. Or, you can have StudioNorth write them for a small additional fee. We’ve been doing this for years, so we know what gets the crowds buzzing!

Who owns the content of the games I use?

You do! Regardless of who writes it, your content will never be shared with any other organization.

Does my team have to be tech-savvy to set up the system?

Not even a little. Our support team brings everything you need (except for the ELO monitor, which gets shipped), sets everything up, runs all the tech during the event, and packs everything up.

What about the host?

Our hosts include Tom Clark, an award-winning TV and radio personality who also won the Game Show Network’s “Coast to Coast Search for a Host” competition. Your host is always included in the fee.

Is anything not included in the fee?

The only items not included are shipping for the ELO monitor (which depends on the monitor size and the destination) and the game questions and answers, if you choose to have them written by StudioNorth.

Will these games really get results for my booth?

Definitely! GameBuzz draws six contestants into your booth every five minutes, along with crowds of people watching and waiting their turn. All that traffic and engagement translates into more qualified leads, so you can reliably measure your return on event investment and sales conversions.

About StudioNorth
StudioNorth is an award-winning business-to-business marketing agency, known nationwide for producing successful event booths for our clients. We turn events into complete marketing campaigns, with brand positioning and differentiation messages, immersive content, leading-edge display design, pull-through strategy and social media.


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