Event strategies and insights ruled our top posts of 2016



Seven of our top ten posts last year were about events—either events we attended, or our strategies for making corporate events awe-inspiring. Our readers also helped social media and digital publishing posts crack the top tier. Read on to see which posts clicked with the marketing and creative folks we’re proud to count as our loyal audience.

1. 5 startups we loved from Techweek Chicago’s Launch competition. Why write about startups when we work with some of the biggest and best-known companies in America? Actually, marketing and startups have a lot in common—a great marketing campaign and a successful startup both make people say, Wow, I wish I’d thought of that!

2. 6 reasons StudioNorth now has a Chicago office. We thought people would like to know about our new little office just outside Chicago’s Loop, but never imagined this would be our second-most popular post of the year. Maybe it was Designer Randy Chen’s glorious rooftop photo that kept ‘em coming back.

3. Content Jam 2016: Five questions content marketers must answer—better. Senior Copywriter Jeff Segal wrote, “To challenge myself to be a better content marketer, I’ve resolved to ask myself these questions—and answer them better.” Judging by the comments on this post, he’s not the only one.

4. How the best interactive event booths apply UX thinking. Last spring we launched a popular series in conjunction with our e-book, The 7 Secrets of Awe-Inspiring Events. Executive Producer Eric Pound emphasized the need to give booths both stopping power and staying power—turning “a few seconds of brand exposure into 15 minutes of engagement.”

stacy_volunteer5. Any volunteers? StudioNorth team members pitch in locally and globally. From Kenya to the Dominican Republic to a kids’ book bank just down the road, our team members found fun, engaging ways to helpmake the world a better place.

6. Could ad blocking save online advertising? Publishers strike back. This time last year, the marketing world was freaking out over the rise in online ad-blocking. Our Digital Marketing and Analytics Manager Melissa Machay pointed out that savvy publishers were already employing new formats and tactics to connect with their ad-blocking audiences.

7. Why your 3-day event booth needs a 5-month social media campaign. In this popular post from our “Awe-Inspiring Events” series, our Customer Engagement & Social Marketing expert Stacy Goebel described how “the secret to ridiculous social engagement during an event is the four-plus months of groundwork you put in before the event.”

8. This ain’t no party—stay on point to capitalize on event engagement. Account Director Corey Lallo has worked enough trade shows to know engagement begins (or doesn’t) with the people staffing your booth—socast your booth staff with peeps who have sharpened their emotional quotient and WANT to be there.”

This ain’t no party—stay on point to capitalize on event engagement.

9. 3 ways to make your event booth a buzzing, interactive crowd magnet. Make your trade show booth a “children’s museum for grown-ups,” advises StudioNorth Event Director Debbie Knighton. Engage visitors with interactive games and real-time social media, and the buzz builds both in and outside your booth.

10. Top 10 Tweets from Social Media Week Chicago. November’s Social Media Week Chicago inspired plenty of (wait for it …) social media activity, and Social Media Coordinator Allison Grant’s post captured the most insightful updates—and the most retweets.

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Jeff Segal

Jeff Segal

Senior Copywriter

Senior Copywriter Jeff Segal writes blogs and social content for several SN clients, while crusading tirelessly against the words provide, quality, strive and utilize.

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