From drywall to “Fun Wall”—how marketing creatives solve ugly




What do you do when you’re a creative marketing agency, you’ve got clients coming for a big meeting, and the entryway to your building is a ghastly hallway of temporary drywall?

Our Creative Director Shannon Lee called a brainstorm session to come up with ideas. We thought about covering the entire wall with a fun fabric, or maybe displaying all the sailboat paintings from our recent SNummer celebration.

But the idea we thought would be quickest (and, let’s face it) cheapest was getting everyone to print out random things to make our own wallpaper.


Here’s the email I sent to the entire agency, under the subject line: Don’t Disappoint Becky.

Hi Everyone!becky

[A big client] is coming to the Studio on Tuesday and we want to do something FUN up front to wow them.

I’m asking EVERYONE to please print out 7 things horizontally on 12×18 paper so that we can make our own wallpaper to cover up that ugly blank wall.

Print out ANYTHING. I’m talking quotes, your favorite food, song lyrics, a painting, a cool label, your mullet yearbook picture from 1984 … ANYTHING that won’t get you fired.

Please make sure you print out your goods by EOD Friday 9/23 and place them on the black chair by my sign in the main entrance.

Thank you all!!


And here’s how it turned out:

Fun Wall 4.1  Fun wall 4.2  Fun Wall 4.3  Fun Wall 1.1  img_20160930_115405  img_20160930_115532

The clients loved the “Fun Wall”—a.k.a., the “SN Tunnel of Love”—and we’ll keep it up for a while. It’s amazing what happens when you give creative people full creative freedom and a tight deadline!

Becky Gutsell

Becky Gutsell

Senior Designer

Senior Designer Becky Gutsell is an avid thrifter/flea-marketer and country music lover (none of the sappy stuff though, just the songs about trucks, tractors, and whiskey). She studied in London and contemplated leaving design school for a degree in culinary arts because "Hey, I like to eat!

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