Deal with It! 16 Advice Cards for Beginning Designers



16 Advice Cards for Beginning DesignersHave you ever arrived somewhere and instantly been overwhelmed by the talent in the room?

During my first few weeks at StudioNorth, I found my coworkers’ talent and dedication to excellence inspirational—and slightly nerve-wracking.

But I realized everyone here was in my shoes once. We all started from somewhere, and I was curious about the journey to design greatness. So I handed out these cards to gather the creative team’s thoughts on design, inspiration, what it takes to be successful.

Here’s what they had to say:

Stacy Lubin

Stacy Lubin


As StudioNorth's Junior Designer, Stacy takes every opportunity to try something new. She spends her free time the same way—from watercolor lettering to up-cycling furniture. As long as it's creative, she'll give it a try.

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