Curatology, Vol. 1—our favorite online content from August, 2016



Great marketing has always been about ideas. Not just having them, but sharing them and building on them.

At StudioNorth, we’re constantly sharing ideas with each other in the form of content we discover online. You should read this article! Check out this new platform! This curiosity about each other’s specialties and insights is part of what makes our culture unique.

We decided to put together a small monthly sample of the most thought-provoking, assumption-challenging or just plain coolest content we shared amongst ourselves. And then we made up the word Curatology to describe it, because “creatively curated curiosity” would be weird.


SHANNON LEE on Industry Perspectives

6 Ways the Digital Marketing Agency has Evolved, by MarTec

Anyone in marketing knows the landscape is nothing like it was five years ago, or even two years ago! And agencies are not immune to these shifts in the industry. Trends such as embracing a hands-on partnership approach with clients, the need for deeper customer insights, being able to work faster and more flexibly, and gaining an understanding in a plethora of new technology platforms are just some of the topics covered in this quick read about Digital Marketing Agency evolutions.

ANNE RICHARDSON on Design Thinking

Norman Doors: Don’t Know Whether to Push or Pull? Blame Design from 99% Invisible

Roman Mars of 99percent invisible and Joe Posner of Vox delivered this great video that explains why it’s not you who is the idiot when you pull a door instead of pushing it. The video features Don Norman, author of The Design of Everyday Things, and principal at the Nielsen Norman Group. The big takeaway should be obvious but too often isn’t—observe, iterate, repeat. Take 5 minutes to check it out.

COREY LALLO on Trends & Strategies

How Google Analytics ruined marketing, from TechCrunch

The setup: Marketers “do not understand the basic difference between marketing strategies, marketing channels and marketing content.”

Wow, great start!

“And Google Analytics is to blame.”

Whoa there! Blaming a measurement tool for shallow, short-sighted, channel-unspecific, strategy-free marketing is like blaming pneumatic hammers for ugly houses.

Yes, easily accessible tools and vanity metrics make the greenest producers confuse themselves for marketers. But the onus falls on practitioners to get a 50,000-foot view of the “why” and apply it to an approach, not just a series of activities.

ALLISON GRANT on Social Insights

Instagram launches a ‘contact’ button linking consumers with brands, from Marketing Week

Instagram’s depth of their metrics reporting has been lacking—until now. The popular image-sharing site is rolling out Business Tools to all business profiles over the next few weeks. The tools will allow businesses to identify which posts are performing the best, promote those within the app and provide demographic information. Social media managers rejoice!

TOM BRADLEY on User Experience Design

The most broken part of your user experience is email, from

Don’t save your email strategy for last—make it part of the entire experience by tailoring your messages to segmented audiences and by respecting your subscribers’ inboxes. A good read about getting the most value out of your brand’s email communications.

DEBBIE KNIGHTON on Event Marketing

How to Create Visually Consistent and Interactive Trade Show Experiences, from Beyond PR

Do you want to be that booth that stands out from the rest and gets all the buzz around the show floor? Enhance the event for attendees at your next tradeshow by creating an interactive experience that’s educational, well-branded, and—most of all—fun! See, we’re not the only ones who think this way!

JEFF SEGAL on Content Marketing

How to Atomize 1 Killer Piece of Content into 10, from Content Marketing Institute

If a blog post delivers in a big way, why stop there? This article describes how an agency repurposed one article in to multiple posts, podcasts, an infographic, a quiz and even a board game. Their metrics and revenues prove that killer content served up in multiple formats gets results multiple times by connecting with multiple audiences.

MARILYN FRANK on Creative Inspiration

Prada Real Fantasies SS 2016

Prada creates special projects to showcase its clothing and push its global brand into new territory by bringing together fashion, design, art, film and technology. Through these commissions, Prada evolves not just as a fashion brand, but a creative force with a concise and distinct point of view.

A video completed for their spring/summer 2016 collection, “Real Fantasies,” produced by AMO—the research and design studio arm of OMA, founded by architect Rem Koolhaas—sets the clothing collection against a dream-like landscape with a spinning backdrop where scale and horizon constantly shift. Real and artificial imagery collides to create a surreal environment.

If you don’t have a strong opinion about any of the above, we haven’t done our job! Please leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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Jeff Segal

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