Work and play


We’re a pretty close-knit team here at StudioNorth.

The word “collaboration” doesn’t even begin to describe our intensely creative interactions. And when the constant challenge of inspiring your customers to action leaves our collective brains a little drained, we unwind as companionably as we work… even if that just means sharing a cold beer and swapping stories on the patio at the end of a busy week.


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One of the unique aspects of StudioNorth is the breadth of expertise we have in-house.

Talented designers work side by side with digital engineers, social media experts, and seasoned strategic marketing professionals.

CREATOLOGYThis arrangement allows for real-time, face-to-face collaboration on any project at any time, and we’ve found it to be a particularly powerful way to work. We call it Creatology® — the blending of art and science, inspiration and implementation, form and function.

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