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A night to remember

We’d like to say thank you to everyone who made our 40th anniversary celebration, Creative Matters, a success earlier this year. The food, the music, the dancing, the interactive artwork — everything came together for a memorable evening of entertainment and camaraderie.

To keep the celebration going in this, our 40th year in business, we’ve put together some highlights to share with you.

Check out the fun in the Upside Down Room pictures

SN40TH 01

SN40TH 02

SN40TH 03

SN40TH 04

SN40TH 06

SN40TH 05

SN40TH 08

SN40TH 09

SN40TH 10

SN40 11

SN40 12

SN40 13

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Making it 40 years in this business doesn’t just happen — it takes collaboration with wonderful clients, partners and supporters like you. And we’d love to hear about it. Help us celebrate and share your SN memories below.

We couldn’t have made it to the big 4-0 without the support of clients and friends like you. And, as always, if we can help you make it matter, feel free to contact us.