6 reasons StudioNorth now has a Chicago office


JULY 2016

StudioNorth Downtown OfficeWe like to say StudioNorth has been around the block a few times, but we’re mostly talking about our capabilities—from stat cameras and marker renderings to social media, UI/UX Design, Account Based Marketing and much more.

While we’ve changed the way we tell stories, we’ve primarily remained at the same location for more than 30 years—a weirdly configured former funeral home across the street from a cemetery in North Chicago, Illinois.

That’s not changing—North Chicago will continue to be our headquarters. But as we continue to stay ahead of our clients’ needs and venture into new realms of capabilities, we realized it was time to add a downtown office at 564 W. Randolph St., in the heart of Chicago’s booming West Loop.

Sweet (Second) Home Chicago

Our downtown office gives our employees a location to work that’s more central to our Chicago clients. SNers who live in the city (like the authors of this post) call it home, and others stop in and use the office as needed.

Since we moved in last winter, our Chicago office is already proving popular, because:

  1. It gives us easier access to current clients. With clients in downtown Chicago, our West Loop office gives us a base to regroup, just minutes away.
  2. We have rooftop access! Check out the spectacular photo below.
  3. We can explore new horizons. Chicago is #2 on the Top 10 Cities for Fast-Growing Companies, and we want to be a part of that growth.
  4. Chicago French MarketIt puts us closer to lots of conferences, meet-ups, and lecture series, like HIMSS, Techweek and Content Jam.
  5. It gives SNers a “change of scenery” location we’re free to use as a more focused workspace, to hold meetings and collaborate with others.
  6. We can sample the amazing local coffee shops, along with some of the best food Chicago has to offer, within easy walking distance. (A few of our favorites include: The French Market, Sawada Coffee and Avec.) Great for meetings and happy hours!

Schlep No More

Next time you’re downtown, and you’d like a little face time with your friends at StudioNorth, don’t worry about trekking all the way to North Chicago. Give us a day’s notice, and we’ll invite you over to our new downtown digs!

StudioNorth Downtown Rooftop View

Weather permitting, we’ll treat you to a rooftop view no suburb can match.

Randy Chen

Randy Chen

Digital Designer

Digital Designer Randy Chen is a Chicago native, a photographer and a diehard Bulls fan. When he’s not visually problem solving, you might find him with a glass of whiskey in one hand and a guitar in the other, quoting John Lee Hooker: "Forget about the fancy chords, and just concentrate on a funky beat.”

Madeline Holler

Madeline Holler

Engagement and Analytics Coordinator

Madeline is StudioNorth’s Engagement and Analytics Coordinator, a world traveler, a tarantula owner, and a multi-talented coffee brewer (pour over, drip, espresso, and French press). Her credo: “As the world continues to evolve, I strive to both evolve with it and produce positive, effective and necessary change.”

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