The 4 coolest new tools introduced at the Google Performance Summit


JUNE 2016

On May 24th, Google introduced multiple new offerings at the Google Performance Summit. From large screen demonstrations to multiple pauses for applause, the audience “ooh’d” and “ahh’d” at Google’s charming presenters as they shared what’s next.

Google Performance Summit

Here are the four additions that have the potential of making ads more impactful, targeting more specific, and life a little easier.


A new paid search ad format gives advertisers over 50% more space for ad copy—ultimately allowing for a significant increase in click-through compared to current text ads.

Upgraded Google Ad Components

For customers who want to know exactly what you’re offering, you can now showcase more information about your product or service before they click. Your promoted search results will provide more depth and insight, making it easier for customers to affirm they’ve discovered the information they were seeking.


Location-related mobile searches are growing twice as fast as any other type of mobile search, so Google has now made it possible to promote ads and text in Google Maps.

Google Maps Ad Google Maps Ad

It’s all about “micro-moments”—people want to know information, go to a destination, participate in an event or buy a product, and they want to do it now. They’re searching for the “best Vietnamese food in Chicago,” “closest Anthropologie to me,” or “how long will it take for me to get home from work?” Okay, these may be MY go-to searches, but you get the point.

The lead-generating potential will only grow when people are searching for specific products or services in their area, especially when they can also browse product inventory or get a deal. For instance, now I’ll not only see there’s a Starbucks on my way to Anthropologie, but I’m a lot more likely to stop there because they added a 15% discount code.


Google called this new offering the “biggest update in ad creative,” and it is a pretty big improvement for display ads. Now, you don’t even have to design your ads—just give Google a headline, description, image and URL, and Google will automatically design responsive ads that match the look and feel of the specific content your clients are looking for.

Responsive Ad 01 Responsive Ad 02 Responsive Ad 03

We’re pretty proud of the display ads we create for StudioNorth clients, but we’re curious to see how these automatic ads turn out.


Babak Pahlavan, Google’s Senior Director of Reports and Product Management, gave a compelling demo of the new dynamic reporting capabilities in Google Analytics.

This addition now allows your teams to collaborate on an analytics report, with features based on Google Drive. Better yet, we can now ask GA a question such as “what products were most profitable in the month of April?” and it will pull in graphs to show you.

Apps Dashboard

The more insights you have, the better you can target and sell to the audience that needs you most.


We’re looking forward to putting some of these features to work soon, along with other innovations like Facebook’s new Messenger Chatbots. If any of these new tools sound like they might be in your plans, too, please comment below or tweet your thoughts to @studionorthusa.

Madeline Holler

Madeline Holler

Engagement and Analytics Coordinator

Madeline is StudioNorth’s Engagement and Analytics Coordinator, a world traveler, a tarantula owner, and a multi-talented coffee brewer (pour over, drip, espresso, and French press). Her credo: “As the world continues to evolve, I strive to both evolve with it and produce positive, effective and necessary change.”

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