3 ways working across from a cemetery makes us a better B2B agency.


MARCH 2016

StudioNorth might have the least sexy location of any B2B marketing agency in the country.

Across the road from our North Chicago office lays the wide-open expanse of the Northshore Garden of Memories—50 fence-free acres of trees, lawn and tombstones. Yes, our across-the-street neighbor is a cemetery.

Northshore Gardens Cemetery

But this location actually helps keep us create superior events, indelible branding and more engaging materials. Here’s how.


Funerals are big events. Every so often, we see long streams of cars pour into the cemetery to commemorate someone’s life. A while later, everyone drives away.

And then what happens? Not much.

Too many business events go down the same way—big attendance, everyone goes home, and that’s it. But our clients’ events are different, because we make them engaging, exciting and entertaining, with opportunities for follow-through built into every minute.

If you caught the CDW Healthcare experience at the 2015 HIMSS Conference, you saw our full event arsenal in action: pre-show marketing communications, engagement tactics and pull-through strategies for the booth, social media efforts, and metrics during and after the show.

CDW Healthcare at HIMSS15

Not to mention the standing-room-only games with more than 700 players, the 200 Twitter followers added during the show, and the 170% increase in acquired leads.


When you carve something on a tombstone, it better be good—because you’re stuck with it.

Branding isn’t quite as permanent, but we treat it that way. We believe your brand should be an idea that’s so true to who you are, its impact endures year after year. Almost as if it were carved in stone.

Consider our work for Labelmaster, who markets compliance tools for the handling and transport of Dangerous Goods.  We didn’t create Labelmaster’s brand identity, but we gave it a true personality—bold, authoritative and encyclopedically knowledgeable—with an engaging series of infographics and videos.

Labelmaster Infographics

Dangerous Goods regulations are fiendishly complex and constantly changing. We’ve helped shippers know the Labelmaster brand means “accurate answers.”


At most funerals, mourners try to celebrate the life of the person who died, even through their grief. It’s hard, but it helps.

We take a similar approach with clients whose businesses seem challenging, scary or dark.

Take Valent BioSciences, whose public health business involves controlling the insects and parasites that spread epidemic diseases. Instead of emphasizing the ugliness and human tragedy of disease, VBC showcases “The Art and Science of Public Health” with award-winning calendars built around stunningly intricate watercolors of mosquitoes and pathogens.

Valent BioSciences Calendar World Relief Annual Report

And then there’s World Relief, the nonprofit that helps people in need in some of the world’s most destitute regions. We fill their annual report and other award-winning materials with images of life, faith, compassion and dignity.

Would we make the same creative decisions across the street from a Starbucks? Maybe. But we like it here—and no one on the other side of Green Bay Road is complaining, either.


Jeff Segal

Jeff Segal

Senior Copywriter

Senior Copywriter Jeff Segal writes blogs and social content for several SN clients, while crusading tirelessly against the words provide, quality, strive and utilize.

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