A gift of hope

Three miles from the city center in Nairobi, Kenya, the Kibera slums sprawl over 1.5 square miles of muddy terrain.

The largest urban slum in all of Africa, population estimates for Kibera range from 250,000 to more than 1 million men, women, and children living in desperate poverty. Most residents lack access to basic services such as running water and electricity.

But, amidst these crowded and often dangerous surroundings, there is hope.

The Calvary Education School provides children in Kibera with a safe place to gain an education and helps build a better future for them and their families.

Mark Mohr’s relationship with the Calvary Education School goes back more than seven years and includes multiple trips with his family and his church to help support the school’s mission and its students.

This year, StudioNorth is making a donation to the Calvary Education School on behalf of our clients. This donation will be added to funds provided by Inspire 180 to help rebuild a dilapidated wing of the school and provide six new classrooms, a library, and a medical clinic.

We’d like to thank all of our clients who have made this gift possible.

International Gifts



Rice is more than a staple; it is a necessity for survival. Supplies of rice can relieve hunger in famines and sustain families living in refugee camps.

Seeds and Tool

  Seeds and Tools

Farmers have the power to strengthen nations. Your gift will put innovative tools and life-giving seeds in the hands of farmers, empowering them to feed their families and transform the well-being of their communities.

HIV / AIDS Support

  HIV/AIDS Support

HIV/AIDS can be an isolating disease. Providing home-based care for those with HIV not only relieves their physical symptoms but also connects them with neighbors who care for their spiritual and emotional needs.

U.S. Gifts



Underneath warm blankets, refugees arriving in the wintertime can sleep comfortably while keeping their heating bills down.

Employment and English Classes

  Employment and English Classes

When refugees and immigrants arrive in America, finding employment is essential for their success. Connect refugees and immigrants with job trainings, skill assessments and English classes as well as support from World Relief staff as they seek employment in the United States.

Emergency Housing

  Emergency Housing

Once a man or woman escapes trafficking, finding secure shelter is an immediate concern. Provide survivors with a safe place where they can begin to regain their hope and rebuild their lives.

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